Concentrated Photovoltaic Plant Goes Online In Spain

cpv.jpgXerox Palo Alto, the people who brought us the mouse and the GUI interface, Ethernet, the laser printer, object oriented programming and now low cost solar power. Solfocus, the child of Xerox Palo Alto, has begun installation of the first array in the 3 MW installation in Castilla-la Mancha, Spain.

The government sponsored project in addition to producing power will be used to to carry out R&D and studies on the maintenance, reliability and technology involved.

According to Dr. Pedro Banda, Director General of the ISFOC, “This is a very important occasion as it brings the industry one step closer towards commercial deployment of CPV technologies. For this unprecedented and ambitious program, the ISFOC has selected CPV technologies that are the most advanced and have the brightest futures.” He added, “SolFocus’ first installation marks the official launch of the power-generation phase of the program.”


The installation will consist of concentrated photovoltaic panels; the sun’s rays are concentrated before hitting the solar cells producing a greater output. Heat sinks have to be provided to dissipate the increased heat and the panels work best in sunny weather and suffer more in reduced efficiency than traditional panels under overcast skies. The CPV panels will be mounted to track the sunlight.

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