Day After Thanksgiving Shopping Guide


So, I just returned from buying the groceries for this Thanksgiving day feast, and I had to fight some serious crowds at the grocery store. Yikes! This got me thinking about the poor souls who feel like they have to go running around the malls on Friday taking advantage of big sales. That sounds like about the worst way to spend an afternoon that I can think of.

Why not do the shopping from home and buy stuff over the internet instead? You don’t have to drive, you don’t have to fight crowds, and you’ll be done in maybe 30 minutes! This to me is a much more practical way for the environmentalist to do their post-Thanksgiving shopping. Sure, there’s the shipping and gas involved, but it couldn’t be that much more environmental impact than a trip to the mall!

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of environmentally friendly companies we’ve reviewed at one time or another. Just jump on your computer and go shopping! It’s as easy as that! Any more stores to add to the list? Feel free to leave a comment!

1. is an online store that has a huge variety of great natural, eco-friendly goodies.
2. Clean Air Gardening has a huge supply of organic and eco-friendly gardening supplies and gadgets.
3. THE KANDLE HEETERâ„¢ Candle Holder is one of several eco-friendly products offered by inventor Doyle Doss.
4. Tree Blocks Eco-friendly Toys and Furniture has some awesome toys for the little ones.
5. The eco-friendly company Lucky Crow, has recyclable gift bags and other goodies.
6. Low-flow OxyGenics Showerheads are available from the Showerhead Store.
7. Vivavi is a company that sells eco-friendly house wares, furniture etc.

Have a Happy Turkey Day everyone! Back on Friday!

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  1. Hmm, this makes me start thinking about how I should have an eco-friendly Christmas celebration! Can’t wait to see your tips for that one.

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