Green Halloween Guide

Green LA Girl has an interesting guide to having a fun and eco-friendly Halloween. Among her tips are a bunch on how to make the best use of your pumpkin: buy it local, buy it organic, cook it, eat it, and compost what’s left.

I would add to this guide: buy free trade, organic chocolates, make your own decorations and save them for next year, give out healthy snacks like crystallized ginger to trick or treaters, and make your own costumes from recyclable (and recycled) materials.

Don’t fall for the buy, buy, buy! attitude of this season. Buy local, recycle, etc.

The Earthy Family website also has a guide to having an eco-friendly and safe Halloween.


Lynn November 3, 2006 at 6:17 pm

Those were some fine tips. I imagine people who’ll TP houses would really deserve a good sound slap for being such wastrels. =D

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