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I was doing some research on environmentally friendly companies and products last week and found the Green Home Environmental store. This week I thought I’d share the find with you all. Green Home sells a ton of cool gifts, gadgets, and useful products for a more eco-friendly family and home. From eco-friendly clothing for infants to low-flow shower heads, this is a great place for practical environmentalists to do their shopping. Here’s their history and mission statement from their website.

We are, as we enter our fifth year of operation, one of the longer-lasting environmental stores and resource centers on the Internet. Our offices are still technically in a garage in the Richmond District of San Francisco, though they have gotten upgraded somewhat. There does still remain some question as to whether it’s actually a garage or a tropical spaceship. That part may never change. It did indeed all begin upstairs, in the living room of the founder Lawrence Comras, with a series of discussions among some of the nation’s foremost environmental scientists, writers and thinkers, about what “green” really means. Brought together through an extraordinary series of serendipitous meetings, this core group attracted others of like mind, until about fifteen of us–some huddled in the garage (we now have heat), others scattered across the country, became the Green Home Team.

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