Sanyo’s Solar Ark


The Gifu Prefecture is the located in the center of Japan; the crossroads of Japan connecting the east to the west. “Control Gifu and you control Japan” is the old saying

Well the Gifu Prefecture is also the home of Sanyo’s Solar Ark; 345 yard long photovoltaic power generating facility, lab and museum. The museum, located in the center of the ark, hosts exhibitions, classes and workshops to raise awareness of environmental issues and solar power. There is an indoor lab, an outdoor field lab, and interactive informational tables.

Just what is “a prosperous life?” And what is necessary to ensure that it lasts into the future?

The 21st century has been named the century of the environment. Finding solutions to environmental problems is something we cannot ignore if we want to ensure the future of mankind. What is necessary right now is to improve the awareness of each and every one of us, so we can accumulate the strength and ability needed to solve this problem. It’s also a matter of generating the wisdom needed to live in harmony with the earth.

It is because of this that we would like to work with our children-who will bear with them the responsibility for the future-to develop an empathy for both science and ecology.

With this in mind, we created the SOLAR ARK project as a place where people can feel the vital importance of the environment, as well as the enjoyment and wonder of science.

We hope to continue to work on this project together with your help-to develop and expand the SOLAR ARK project so that it participates in society on a larger scale, and provides a link to a more prosperous life for the people of the world. This is our wish.

The Solar ark is not just learning facility but working solar power plant. It produces 630KW’s of electricity from 5046 solar panels.


Robert H. Stockton August 3, 2009 at 10:00 am

My son, Taylor Stockton, just moved to Gifu Prefecture as a JET. I have been looking up information about Gifu and the surrounding area, online, and came across this depiction and description of The Solar Ark. I find it very interesting (and heartening), that enterprises such as this are being created for both environmental education opportunities, and as an attempt at solving current environmental problems.

My best to all who are involved in these endeavors!

Robert H. Stockton
Mukilteo, Washington, USA

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