Solar Silicon 4.0 reduces the amount of silicon needed for solar panels


AOS solar, in this press release, announced that they are working towards developing “Solar Silicon 4.0” combining crystalline silicone with low cost thin film photovoltaic technology.

AOS Solar’s mission is to achieve c-Si efficiencies while reducing the amount of required silicon by 90%, the manufacturing energy budget required to achieve each Watt peak of output by 50%, and the capital equipment required by 50%.

The technology will be presented for the first time at the International Business Forum’s nanotechnology investment forum on Feb 6th.

CEO Anikara Rangappan explains, “If we had to invent solar panels today we would certainly use silicon because that is a very well known material with a proven field life of 20+ years in solar PV applications. But we would not pull ingots, saw 6” diameter wafers, and wire them together to manufacture a solar PV module. Current high efficiency silicon solar cells have a very high materials cost and the manufacturing cost for both cells and modules is too high.

AOS has developed manufacturing processes to produce their patented new technology that should result in a greatly reduced cost of manufacturing photovoltaic modules.

Yuri January 25, 2008 at 1:55 am


YOu should visit them. Get you technology together and then I can use it. We want inexpensive 20% to 22% efficient solar cells to put in our integrated solar roof.
Couple your technology with theirs.

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