Virginia school district switches school buses to biodiesel

School Buses are nearly a perfect fit for biodiesel. They travel local, well planed short routes so they can always be refueled from a biodiesel facility so that the driver doesn’t have to settle for fossil fuels in a crunch.

A couple of years back Gloucester Co. started a trial in which 20 of its school buses would be run off of biodiesel. Now, according to this article at WVEC every single school bus is run off of bio fuels made locally.

Roger Kelly, head of transportation for the district says that even the drivers are noticing a difference, although the accountants are not. Fuel cost is nearly the same for both biodiesel and regular but money is not always the most important thing.

“It’s hard to put a price on cleanness,” he said. “We’re definitely saving on better health for kids growing up,” said Kelly. “Buses going up and down the road that are putting out less emissions. So, there’s a dollar amount there.”

The drivers are noticing that the buses run better on biodiesel (something I have noticed in my own car) and because biodiesel lubricates better and cleans out fuel lines and tanks that buses will last longer possibly providing a financial benefit in that area.

Other area school districts are consulting with Gloucester about making the switch to biodiesel as well.

Harun December 31, 2012 at 4:50 am

They smell like fries. People in America are already fat enguoh. We don’t need to drive around smell fries and pull into the nearest drive thru.Seriously though, its main drawback is it has to be used in a diesel engine. They are louder and have worse performance numbers than gasoline engines. Other than being noisy and a little slower it’s a pretty good choice.

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