Clean Air = More Global Warming?

A recent article from the Christian Science Monitor states that a group of British and American scientists have published a report that reveals startling news about global warming. The report claims that the presence of certain aerosols, which includes many pollutants, actually have a cooling effect on the planet. The article goes on to talk about how inacting legislation against fossil fuels may actually increase global warming, as less pollutants in the form of aerosols means a decrease in this cooling effect. With less pollutants, we can expect to see an acceleration of the global warming process.

Aerosols are found in dust, sea salt that is circulated in the air when winds evaporate ocean waters, and gases and other products from volcanic eruptions. The burning of fossil fuels also greatly contributes to the presence of aerosols in the atmosphere. Geeze, we just can?t win, can we? We’re hot if we do, and hot if we don’t.

The article states that the study needs further review and continued analysis to really provide a clear picture of the effects of aerosols and global warming, so we’ll see what comes next.

Read the full article from the CS Monitor here.

A PC for the Practical Environmentalist

Those Oregonians (Yes, they are from our planet. They are people who live in the state of Oregon) have done it again! The Meridian SL700 is a new PC offered by Computer Technology Link. Its creators (scary Frankenstein-type mad scientists, from Oregon, no less!) claim that it uses significantly less energy than your typical desktop PC. The packaging is even eco-friendly and the motherboard is lead-free. When you’ve typed your computer to death, you can use a coupon to recycle your computer, free! If anyone has actually used and can give us a review on this computer, please send us a comment! See more info about this computer at TreeHugger.

Rootfriends Picture Book for Kids

Looking for a way to educate your kids about plants, trees, gardening, and the environment? The Rootfriends Picture Book is a delightful childrens book with full color illustrations that detail the lives of the trees around us through such colorful characters as the Root Doctor, Willow Snapper, Maple Sprout and Rooty. For 20 bucks your kids will be immersed in this fantastical world, and will be learning in the process!