Ethanol More Eco-Friendly Than Ever


Good news for fans of alternative fuels! (And who isn’t! Well, ok, money-grubbing petroleum industry scum and nuclear fuel evil scientists!) New studies on ethanol gas report that making a gallon of ethanol gas (made from corn) requires 95 percent less petroleum than a gallon produced from fossil fuels. Making ethanol also looks promising for folks who are interested in reducing greenhouse gases too! (Hey, I know you’re out there! Let’s here ya shout! Hurray for us! Hurray for us!) If we make ethanol from woody plants, it gets even better! (More efficient, and less greenhouse gas emissions).

Hand-Powered Technology

cell phone charger.bmp

“Hand-powered technology, or how I stopped using batteries and learned to get a little exercise in the process.”

Yep, although things like flashlights and other handy items have been available with a hand-crank power thingy since like WWII, they’re getting new life through a few companies that have come up with innovative designs. Sounds like there are some new uses for this simple, renewable technology, including hand-cranked cell phone battery chargers.

Recycled Checks


The Check Gallery offers an environmentally friendly alternative to your standard checks. Featuring soy-based ink and 24lb. MICR bond paper, they’ve got dozens of designs to choose from, mostly nature-inspired themes. Their prices aren’t too bad, either. Around 13 bucks for a set of 150 checks. They also have contact cards and checkbook covers, also with creative designs.

Texans Create Super Tomato Cage!

Check out these excellent Texas Tomato Cages which come in a variety of sizes and will “last a lifetime” as they say on their website. They’re made of galvanized wire and fold up for quick storage. Pretty cool that these folks are running a successful small business with this simple product. Good for them! From the looks of it, this tomato cage is extremely well built. An excellent gift for the vegetable gardener. Your friend or relative may even thank you with a reciprocal gift of big fat home grown tomatoes!