Seventh Generation Eco-Friendly Products

When I worked at a co-op supermarket back in my college days (note that this was indeed quite a few years ago!), we sold a butt-load, (that is, a bunch) of Seventh Generation cleaning products. I actually just went back to the co-op where I used to work and noticed that they still carry this brand. Well, I guess that means that Seventh Generation is here to stay and has many followers. The good thing is that they offer a ton of different kinds of products for the home that are “eco-friendly” in one way or another, so if you are a “brand name” consumer, you can stick with them and feel pretty good about buying quality products that are good for the environment. What kind of stuff do they sell? Napkins, paper towels, trash bags, bio degrabable dish washing liquid, you name it! If you’d like to read a review of their stuff, check out this website offered by (BTW, TreeHugger also recently praised Seventh Generation products in a post about Earth Day.)

Waste News….Waste Not…Want Not

Just came upon a very interesting website called “Waste News.” It sounds a little strange, but the gist of the site is all things that have to do with solid waste, energy, alternative energy, and more! There are some fascinating articles on their site, including articles on composting, water quality, recycling, etc. Worth a visit if you like waste…..or like to get rid of it responsibly anyway.

Eco-Travel in Mexico

The Sierra Gorda is a large mountain range in central Mexico that has the distinction of being one of the most biologically diverse regions of the country. El Grupo Ecológico de la Sierra Gorda has been working for about 20 years to protect and promote this unique part of Mexico. Ron Mader, a writer for the award winning website Planeta, has this to say about the organization:

The local organization Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda has been working since 1987 to protect the Sierra Gorda Queretana and is the only established tourism provider in the region. Ecotourism is being used to generate revenues as well as to provide environmental education for both locals and visitors. Profits from these trips are used for environmental education and sustainable development programs in the region. Destinations include the tropical deciduous forest near the Jalpan Dam, the Ayutla River Canyon, Escanela River, and El Sótano del Barro.

You can read more about the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve and El Grupo Ecológico de la Sierra Gorda at

Read up on other cool destinations in Mexico and about Mexican culture in general here.

Eco Car Rentals

At one point in time, Shaun Stenshol was an environmental activist who spent a lot of time getting arrested. Now, he runs a bio-fuels car rental service in Hawaii. He claims that the idea works on multiple levels. Not only do travelers get to drive an eco-friendly car while they visit this island state, he says, they also get to “test drive” one in case they’d like to buy one in the future. His idea has caught the attention of a lot of folks, including the magazine Business Week, who wrote this feature article about him last week.

Scooter and Moped Sales on the Rise

Still too lazy to get on a bike? Well, consider an energy efficient scooter or a moped. That’s what lots of folks are doing these days, according to this CS Monitor article. They’re hip, they’re stylish, and they just might save you money. I still like the idea of getting on your bike to go to work or to the store. They’re cheap and you get plenty of exercise in the process. Less time at the gym and more money in your pocket? Sounds good to me.