Tomato Palace Greenhouse


Today I thought I’d write about another cool invention from Doss Products, makers of the Veg-a-lot greenhouse and the Kandle Heater. The Tomato Palace greenhouse has a very interesting design. It’s built as a tall tower and you have access to the plants through a series of sliding doors. It’s built from a double wall UV resistant polyethylene, which is commonly used for greenhouses. The shape of the greenhouse allows you to grow tall plants like tomatoes in a relatively small area. This is a great option for urban gardening if you have a small space to grow in. And don’t forget the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter as another way to grow your tomatoes vertically.

Gore’s Carbon Neutral Movie

Ok, so it looks like Gore is putting his money where his laser pointer is. Check this out (from the movie’s blog):

Paramount Classics, Participant Productions, and NativeEnergy have joined forces to offset 100% of the carbon dioxide emissions from air and ground transportation and hotels for production and promotional activities associated with the documentary “AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH” making the film the first carbon-neutral documentary ever. The announcement was made today by John Lesher, President of Paramount Vantage and Paramount Classics.

I guess I feel a little bad about my last post about global warming…oh well! Here’s another take on the issue from the arbor ‘uggers.