Nandina Organic “Future Fibers”


Nandina is a unique company that produces a variety of products for the home with eco-friendly fibers they call “Future Fibers.” Nandina fibers are made from organic cotton and plantation grown bamboo. They make robes, towels, and bath mats. Here is more information about their product from their website:

Nandina is a natural blend of certified organic cotton and plantation grown bamboo. The fiber is woven into our Heavenly Bamboo towels, creating the luster of silk, the softness of aged cotton, and the durability and ease of care found in more traditional fabrics. We are proud that our towels have been certified free of harmful substances, often exceeding the highest standards set by Oeko-Tex, the world leader in textile testing for human ecology. With Nandina towels you don’t have to give up luxury to help protect the future of our planet. It’s easy to go green!

Earth Friendly Goods


Earth Friendly Goods offers some interesting environmentally friendly products including lots of hemp clothing. Hemp is considered to be a fully sustainable and biodegradable fabric, so it’s the way to go if you’re looking for environmentally friendly clothing. They also have products for the kids, for the pets, and eco-friendly accessories, which includes anything from backpacks and wallets, to belts. Their “Knowledge is Power” section has some interesting books as well. They sell stuff on-line, but if you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you can actually visit their store.

Fair Trade Farmers Threatened in the D.R.

Coffee & Cocoa International will soon be reporting on an important issue for supporters of organic and fair trade chocolate. Small-scale cocoa farmers from the Dominican Republic, a major exporter of cacao, have asked for help from fair trade business Equal Exchange to demand that the Republic’s president repeal a law that will negatively affect small, family-owned cocoa farms.

It appears that the law favors cocoa exporting families that have traditionally lead the cocoa trade in this small island nation. The law is in response to new coops of small farmers emerging that threaten the few wealthy families that have dominated the cocoa export business in this country for years.

The main Cooperative, CONACADO, is an organization comprised of 15,000 small scale Dominican farmers. It is now the world’s largest exporter of certified organic cocoa. The government unfortunately has seen CONACADO as a threat to the wealthy families who had previously profited the most from cocoa exports in the Republic. Thus, they wish to impose a punitive tax on CONACADO and other small cocoa farmers. The new tax could threaten the survival of these coops, who are working hard to support their families and provide a high quality product.

Equal Exchange is encouraging people concerned about this issue to ask President Fernandez to repeal this damaging tax. You can contact the Embassy of the Dominican Republic by telephone (202-332-6280 x2523, Economic Affairs, or x2505, Political Affairs), fax (202-265-8057) or email:

For more information, see these websites:

Other Responsible Travel Resources

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On a follow up note to yesterday’s post, I wanted to mention that and Transitions Abroad collaborate on a number on interesting responsible travel projects, most notably the Responsible Travel Directory and an excellent Responsible Travel Handbook, published by Transitions Abroad. (This is a PDF file about 2 megs in size).

Tourism is a huge industry worldwide, but tourism is not free from the environmental problems that other industries face such as environmental contamination, destruction of habitat, etc. Learn to travel responsibly with these excellent resources.

Pharm Solutions Organic Garden Stuff

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Park’s Seed is now offering a wide selection of organic products for the garden called Pharm Solutions. They’ve got products for roses, veggies, and all variety of garden plants. Keep Your Garden Healthy the Natural Way with Pharm Solutions!