Green Halloween Guide

Green LA Girl has an interesting guide to having a fun and eco-friendly Halloween. Among her tips are a bunch on how to make the best use of your pumpkin: buy it local, buy it organic, cook it, eat it, and compost what’s left.

I would add to this guide: buy free trade, organic chocolates, make your own decorations and save them for next year, give out healthy snacks like crystallized ginger to trick or treaters, and make your own costumes from recyclable (and recycled) materials.

Don’t fall for the buy, buy, buy! attitude of this season. Buy local, recycle, etc.

The Earthy Family website also has a guide to having an eco-friendly and safe Halloween.


Environmentally Friendly “Bare Ground” Deicer


Get prepared for cold weather and icy sidewalks with the all natural Bare Ground Deicer! This environmentally-friendly deicer will last for weeks with a single application, much longer than salt deicers. Bare Ground works both as a deicer and a great anti-snow agent. Here’s a more detailed description of the product:

Bare Ground is an all natural environmentally safe co-product of corn, grain or agricultural processing sometimes containing distillers condensed solubles that is added to a base of Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2). Bare Ground is non toxic, water soluble, non flammable, biodegradable and less corrosive than water.

Stock up now, because winter snows are just around the corner!

Gingko Tree Growing Kit

ginko loco.jpg

Ginkgo biloba is unique tree species that can live for hundreds of years. It is also a popular medicinal plant. A ginkgo tree growing kit is a perfect gift for the gardener and nature lover. The kit includes seeds, soil for growing, soil for germinating, a seedling pot, a guide to growing the tree, and an aluminum tree marker.

Eco Travel Logue


Eco Travel Logue is an excellent guide for those who want to travel with the least impact on the environment. This website has information for all travelers, and will help you plan all aspects of your trip. They can help you plan your trip, find environmentally friendly lodging, visit eco-friendly destinations, etc. They also have a cool eco-friendly travel gear guide, with tips on buying green travel gadgets.

Solar Powered Airport in Africa

Uganda will be the home to the first solar powered airport in Africa, reports AND (African News Connection). The project will cost US $40 million and will take about 8 months to put into place. The construction starts next year. What exactly is going into the solar powered airport?

“The airport is designed for business tourists and shall be serviced with WI-FI wireless internet connectivity. The abundance of power from the solar roof, location within a special economic zone, the WI-FI infrastructure and the special green architecture shall make the SISA the pre-eminent business and leisure airport hub in the region,” Dummer, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Solar Green Tourism, said.

In addition to solar power, the roof will have a rain water harvesting system installed. The airport is also part of a larger plan to development an agro-export production center, housing complex, and recreation center in the area.