2014 Mercedes CLA sedan: More Aerodynamic than a Prius or Tesla!

2014 mercedes CLA

When you think about the most aerodynamic cars, you typically think of the high mileage hybrid or even full electric cars like the Tesla or the Prius.

But Mercedes has taken aerodynamics to a new level with the 2014 CLA sedan, that should hit showrooms in the fall of 2013.

As Mercedes describes it:

With a Cd figure of 0.23, the CLA sets a new benchmark among not only Mercedes models, but also all series-production vehicles. The frontal surface area, Cd x A – which is crucial to aerodynamic resistance – also leads the field at 5.49 sq. ft.

The good air flow characteristics, which have a major impact on fuel consumption under everyday driving conditions, are the result of extensive aerodynamic optimization. These include a low A-pillar shoulder with adapted A-pillar geometry, aerodynamically optimized exterior mirrors, low-drag wheel trims and serrated wheel spoilers on the front and rear wheel arches.

Extensive underbody cladding, additional cladding at the center of the rear axle, an aerodynamically optimized muffler and a diffuser improve the flow of air beneath the underbody.

The Mercedes CLA is a new sedan that takes design cues from the CLS coupe.

Although the car is billed as the most aerodynamic production car on the market, it is not marketed as a high mileage vehicle, and it will not be available as a hybrid or a high mileage clean diesel, at least initially.

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One thought on “2014 Mercedes CLA sedan: More Aerodynamic than a Prius or Tesla!”

  1. Dear Writer:
    while it is true that the aerodynamic resistance of a car [or anything else] is ‘Cd x A’ the total frontal area of this car is NOT
    5.49 square feet. Please look at the width and height.. It is MORE than 5.49 square feet.
    What is more likely true is that the total drag of the car [combined] is equivalent to 5.49 square feet of a flat surface.
    There is a difference.
    John Ehlers, P.E.

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