9 Unique & Green Gift Ideas

Looking for unique eco friendly Christmas gifts for the environmentalist in your life? Here is a selection of green gifts to cover ideas from your office gift trade to your loved ones. Regardless who you are shopping for, remember a key to giving unique eco friendly gifts is to make sure they are both practical and usable gifts.

What’s the point of buying an eco friendly gift if it sits up on a shelf in the back of a closet? That’s a waste of energy to produce and ship the gift. If you choose usable eco friendly gifts wisely, you’ll be able to benefit the environment by your gift being used. It’s a win-win for the shopper and the receiver. Oh, and the environment, of course.

Here are 9 green gift ideas that will avoid storage in the back of the closet and you can feel good about giving!

1. Solio Portable Hybrid Solar Charger

solar charger

This portable solar charger is pretty cool. It’s great for someone always on the go, and always saying the battery is dying. The solar charger is topped with a carabiner and has a durable Lexan shell. So, clip it on a belt loop, bike, or even a briefcase. You don’t have to be in a car or at the desk to charge that cell phone. This solar charger doesn’t have to actively be in the sun to charge a device. It holds the charge for up to one year.

2. Envirocycle Tumbling Composter

envirocycle composter

Here’s the ultimate gift for recycling: a composter. This Envirocycle Tumbling Composter for $ 149.99 spins to aerate and mix the compost. Tumbling composters produce finished compost faster than standard composters. It’s a great eco friendly choice for a gift since it recycles food and lawn wastes and produces a great organic fertilizer for the lawn and garden.

3. Roadrunner Low Flow Shower Head

roadrunner shower head

The Roadrunner Low Flow Shower Head for $39.95 makes a perfect Christmas gift for the environmentalists. Help them save water and money on their utility bills! This low flow shower head even has a sensor to monitor water temperature. It pauses the water flow when it’s warm to prevent wasting water.

4. Raised Bed Garden Planter

raised bed planter

Do you need any unique Christmas gift ideas for locavores? You know, shoppers at the weekend farmer’s market looking for local produce. Here’s an eco friendly gift so they can grow their own organic food. The Raised Bed Garden Planter for $299.99 is great for small spaces, even a patio, deck, rooftop or balcony. It’s a 4 x 4 growing space. That’s perfect for the grower to get a lot of produce in a confined space, especially if they use the square foot gardening method. It comes with a watering system, too.

5. Kleen Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

kleen kanteen

Do you know anyone still drinking out of plastic water bottles? This Kleen Kanteen stainless reusable water bottle is a great gift for $17.99, especially for the office Christmas party. Help folks cut down on trash, and give them a non-leaching, toxin-free way to hydrate.

6. Reel Mower

A reel push mower makes the perfect unique Christmas gift. If you’re shopping for the person that has everything, chances are they don’t have one of these reel mowers. Reel mowers, also, make great gifts to newly married or engaged couples, and new homeowners. Prices range based on models, but here’s a Brill push reel mower for $249.99.

7. Bamboo Kitchen Products

bamboo bowl

Bamboo is becoming more and more popular as a renewable resource. Check out this line of bamboo kitchen products from Bambu. Contemporary in design, responsibly made, and affordably priced. They’re great kitchen products for everyday use, and impressive for a green dinner party!

8. Donate Money for an Environmental Cause

Here’s another green gift — donate money to a good cause. There are a lot of agencies working for environmental issues that will be more than happy to put your dollars to work. Two agencies you could consider are the Nature Conservancy and Trees for the Future. You can donate in someone’s name to help preserve the rain forest or plant a tree. Now, it’s not a gift in hand, so to speak. But, it’s still an eco friendly gift and you can decide the dollar amount you want to give.

Or readers, what’s your favorite environmental charity?

9. Reusable Gift Wrap

Don’t forget to be eco friendly when it comes to wrapping the gift. Here’s a gift that is truly respectable to regift– Lyziwraps reusable gift wrap. We found this gift wrap to be festive for the holidays but reusable for any occasion. They come in four different sizes and range from $6.00 to $10.00. Let the wrapping become part of the gift.

When giving eco friendly gifts think about the big picture, too, of giving practical, usable gifts. Things people are sure to use and not stick up on a shelf. It prevents waste. Giving eco friendly gifts supports your green ideas, but also, continues environmental stewardship by the gifts being used.

Do you have other ideas about green gifts that you’d like to give or receive?

Leave us a comment and tell us!

6 thoughts on “9 Unique & Green Gift Ideas”

  1. I would like to say that I support all websites that help the enviorment. I love nature and I turn off all lights, recyle, and I use the compost. One day I hope to travel the globe planting as many trees as trees as possible and helping people in proverty. I will also adopt homeless animals. I am only 9 but one day I will do all this.

  2. I like Magie’s idea, but we need to add forests to the desert. It is the only place were humans don’t live. People keep on cutting down trees near the desert making it bigger. Plus when wind comes it blows the sand into human inhabited areas. I beg anyone that can make a desert into a forest by making wells and plant trees to start a foundation. I will do my best to help this foundation. The more deserts we have there is less space for the animals. If you support my idea please say so.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the recycled gift wrap! Wow… how cool! I have definitely tried hard to use recycled gift wrap paper, but I still feel its uber wasteful.
    I really like the raised bed garden and thinking that will make a great start for the kiddos garden. My son just loves to garden and dig in the dirt but we don’t have much space here for a full blown garden, and this looks like a great idea.
    I am always searching for more ways to conserve as well and show my child easy methods to help out, which is why I think it is so important for them to learn now, and the earlier the better to just get kids thinking in the right direction. Even simple things like finding recyclable products, toys, and using organic materials matters. Really enjoyed reading your ideas, thanks.

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