An Interview with Tabitha Tucker and Shirlee Bucknall of Earthy Family


Today our series about “People Making a Difference” continues with Shirlee Bucknall and her daughter Tabitha Tucker, two of the founders of Earthy Family. Earthy Family is a website with articles and information for families who want to raise their children in a more environmentally friendly manner. The website is based out of Victoria, BC, Canada.

Their mission statement says,

Earthy Family is a family owned and operated business dedicated to fostering family wellness and natural interactions within our physical, social, emotional and spiritual environments. We want to expand the frontiers of the parenting community and enhance meaningful relationships within families, communities and the world.

While environmental awareness is a core part of their philosophy, Earthy Family is now working to increase consciousness of world cultures. Their world travels section is very popular with visitors.

I myself found their website after my wife and I had our son a couple years ago. I was looking for information on using cloth diapers, and found that the website had tons of great information to make informed decisions as parents.

I also noticed they were looking for writers for a new series of family oriented world culture ebooks, and so my wife and I contributed an ebook about Mexico to their site. My wife is from Mexico City and I have spent over 3 years living and working in different parts of Mexico.

Thanks again to Shirlee and Tabitha for taking the time out to do this great interview!

If you’d like to submit an article about natural parenting or an ebook about your favorite country, you can contact Earthy Family here.

You mention on the website that Earthy Family is a project started by families who wanted to create a resource for other families interested in living more harmoniously with the Earth. Can you tell us a little about how the project came to be and who was involved in the beginning?


While facing my first load of dirty cloth diapers without any idea how to get them clean, I realized that “earthy” family living may take a bit of research. The more I researched, the more I was shocked that a lot of what I was uncovering took so much uncovering. Virtually everything I had “known” about raising a baby was in fact not Truth, but something that had been “sold” to me. I wanted to share all I was learning with anyone else that was interested in living harmoniously and thus, Earthy Family was nurtured into existence.

What were your goals for the site when you started Earth Family? How have those goals changed since then, if at all?


Having just had our first baby when we started Earthy Family, we were primarily focused on everything baby. Now that that baby is 5 years old and our family has grown up with him, we find ourselves interested in ecological family living as a journey.

There are many people who contribute to Earthy Family, providing a lot of new and interesting insights to eco-friendly parenting. What are some of the things you’ve learned since starting the project and collaborating with other families?


We have learned so much, not least of which is how many others are out there, searching for ways to live in harmony with their family and their world. When we first started out, we wondered if we were too much of a niche and if anyone would care about what we were finding out about family living. Over the last few years, we’ve discovered that there are lots of people out there searching for a new way to connect with their family and their world, and that has been one of the most heartening things about the entire project.

Earthy Family is a project that focuses on solutions, not problems. In your opinion, what are the five most important things that families can do to live more balanced lives with the least amount of impact on the Earth?


1. Work on building deep connections with each other as a family. Peace really does begin in the home and the more we work at developing deep relationships with each other, the more we’ll be able to build deep relationships in our community.

2. Get into nature – to really care about something, you must know it, so get out into the parks, reserves, and green spaces around you and explore and enjoy them as a family.

3. Become informed – about what you eat, what you buy, what you surround yourself with. It’s surprising what you can find out if you look.

4. Build community – support local farmers, artisans, craftpersons; connect with your neighbours; live in your community and create the neighbourhood of your dreams. Local action really does have global impact.

5. Live your beliefs – Gandhi said it most succinctly when he said “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

Tell us about your future plans for Earthy Family and any other projects that you’re working on.

Shirlee: Earthy Family is currently in a transitional stage, as we look at the direction we will take next. Environmental issues are very important to us and we may focus more attention in this area.

Our ebook series is one of our passions. We are currently working on providing additional eBooks on various countries. We believe as we learn from each other this helps to connect this great world we live in.

Thanks so much for your time!

Once again, if you’d like to submit an article about natural parenting or an ebook about your favorite country, you can contact Earthy Family here.