Electric Tankless Water Heater

Electric tankless water heater? What the heck is that? For your information, these little gadgets are great for the practical environmentalist. They heat your water, only when you need hot water! This avoids the added energy spent in maintaining a constant supply of hot water ready for use. A typical water heater looses energy through heat radiated from the walls of the tank. Why waste this energy? Even the feds have some useful info on these products. See this EERE review of tankless water heaters.

This company seems to carry the best products out there: Tankless Water Heater.

New for 2006: Wacky Biodegradable Socks!

Japanese and American manufactures plan on producing a biodegradable sock for early 2006. They’ll be made from corn-derived fiber and produced in the U.S. They will first appear in clothing stores in Japan. The U.S. Grains Council seems to be behind this unusual sock, in an attempt to create new markets for U.S. corn.

Fox River Mills Inc. of Iowa, W.Y. Shugart & Sons Inc. of Alabama, and Harriss & Covington Hosiery Mills and Twin City Knitting, of North Carolina will be the primary factories responsible for reproducing the socks. They’ll cost about 20% more than regular socks, by the way, but are a supposedly an “eco-friendly” alternative to petroleum-based socks, which, in addition to cotton and wool, are quite common and take more time to degrade.

See the full article here: Biodegradable Corn Socks

Eco-friendly companies: Green Roof Projects

There’s no doubt that urban environments lack green spaces, especially in the largest cities. However, thanks to human creativity, people are now coming up with unusual ways to add green to the city.

Where? Look up! Green roofs are becoming more and more common in cities such as Chicago, Toronto, and Philadelphia. Roofscapes, Inc. is a company that specializes in building green roofs in big cities. They’re based in Philadelphia and have worked on dozens of green roofs projects such as the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, and Chicago’s City Hall.

Some of these spaces are actually open to the public (or at least to employees working in the building) and function like a park. Suddenly, life in the city doesn’t look as gray and bleak and gray as it once did!

ABC Australia, the Animated Adventures of Greena, SuperHippie!

I don’t know where I found this site, but it is perfect for anyone who thinks environmentalists at times take themselves too seriously. Produced by ABC Television and Radio Australia, the Adventures of Greena is an animated on-line comic strip that details the life, times, and adventures of super-hippie Greena as she tries to save the world. An example of what you’ll find: In an episode entitled “the Whale Whisperer,” Greena tries to save a beached whale. After several failed attempts, she raises he hand to her head in exasperation and releases a powerful dose of body odor, finally causing the whale to run away to avoid the stink. Not for everyone, especially if you’re an environmentalist who takes themselves too seriously.