Bioneers Radio Show

The Bioneers is an innovative group of people whose theme is “Revolution from the Heart of Nature.”

The Bioneers host a national conference that invites ground-breaking people to present ideas based on the lessons of nature to create a sustainable future. They also have a radio show that often features speakers from the conference. You can turn in for the next few weeks on live streaming radio at KUNM at 8:30 am (Mountain Time) on Wednesday mornings.

I think there are only a few programs left, so check it out! This past week’s show featured a discussion on protecting old growth forests while still providing for the needs of humans. Of course, things came up like, “do we really need all those catalogs for crappy products made from paper pulp?”

I especially appreciate this program but it is generally quite optimistic, and also because it solutions and ideas, not just problems.

If you’re feeling pessimistic about environmental issues, this program can help give you a sense of hope.

If you can’t listen to the radio show, they have free audio downloads and lots of info on the Bioneers website.