Buy Nothing Day: Hey, What Did You Buy?

The Friday after Thanksgiving is Buy Nothing Day, in which many Americans (and others throughout the world) mount a sort of protest to the rampant consumerism of the X-mas season by refusing to buy useless crap. While this is a great idea, I’d like to propose an alternative.

If you’re just burning to go out and buy something after Thanksgiving, why not celebrate “Buy Local Day,” “Buy Natural Day” or “Buy Organic Day.” Hell, let?s face it, Americans love to shop, but instead of not spending your money this day or giving your money to some chain store, why not stimulate your local economy or encourage environmentally friendly businesses by buying some of their products. If you’re just itching to spend your money, consider supporting a local artist or artisan, or buying from a small local business, or shopping at your local co-operative supermarket, or at your local farmer’s market.

There are lots of good ways to spend your money without supporting the corporations that run our daily lives.

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