Candle Night: Romantic Dinner or Energy Conservation?

candle night.bmp
Having worked in third world countries where power outages are the norm, I took advantage of these temporary blackouts to light up some candles, read a book, and go to bed early. I actually began to enjoy these nights of peace, quiet and soft light, but never considered that a few hours by candlelight is also a form of energy-conservation. However, some folks in Japan are doing just that. “Candle Night” is celebrated throughout Japan by businesses and homeowners interested in conserving energy.

Over 6000 businesses and buildings participated in June of last year with two hours of candlelight. More are on the list for next year. Why not participate yourself? You can even invite someone special over to share the moment. Call it environmentally friendly romance! We’ll just have to see what effect all this romantic candlelight has on the birthrate next year! Stay posted!

Click here for the Candle Night Website. Information on this event also appeared at the TreeHugger website.