Celebrating African American Scientists

Celebrating Black History Month, (February that is), the CS Monitor has published three profiles of celebrated African-American scientists who are achieving some amazing things in the world of science. Read more about them here.

Candle Power!


Looking to get more from your super groovy hemp candles? Transform your aromatherapy scented love shack into a warm and cozy haven for alternative energy with the Kanlde Heeter! Ok, in all seriousness, this is a great way to covert a candle into a micro-radiator that will provide a little extra heat for your bedroom, den, or other small nook. Also works great for keeping your hamster or boa constrictor happy and warm. Be warned, their website is very annoying, but if you want to learn more about this product, it’s a good place to go. Otherwise, the Green Trust Blog has the same info plus lots of other cool tips and products.

Solar Power Gadget Chargers!

Looking for more ways to charge your gadgets? So far, we’ve talked about how to charge your cell phone with a hand-cranked charger, and we also talked about how to use your bicycle to charge your vibrator, opps, I mean, your iPod! Yes, that was it! Ok, back on track. Let’s look at another source of alternative battery charging fun. Solar energy! Ah, let’s skip it. Who cares about solar energy, anyway! Well, ok, if you insist! We found a series of great tips for using solar energy for charging your electronic goodies from the Ideal Bite. Check it out and be impressed. We were! Yowza!

Where to Recycle Your Computer

This just in from Great Green Goods: If you’re looking for a place to recycle your computer, the Computer TAKE BACK Campaign is a great place to find folks who can help. They offer an interactive map of the U.S. that will help you locate organizations that will gladly recycle your computer’s guts. Don’t send your computer to the landfill! It still has some use left, even if it is in a freaky Frankenstein fashion.

Bicycle Power

A couple weeks ago, we featured a hand cranked battery charger for your cell phone. This handy device is a great way to save a little electricity. In our search for more innovative ways to power your gadgets, we found this great article from TreeHugger which talks about using your bicycle to power your iPod, notebook battery, and a variety of other devices. Check out the results of their study here.