Bamboo Sheets Make Sweet Christmas Gift!


Rewenable fibers and sustainable agriculture aren’t really what come to mind when I think of 100 percent bamboo sheets for your bed, but that certainly is a bonus. What I think of is comfy! I’ve seen these things and dream of owning a set! They are really, amazingly soft and wonderful. Also, I didn’t know this before but bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties.

Hey, you ever heard of that torture with bamboo where they…ok, nevermind. I won’t get into that. But really, try these sheets. Bamboo grows very quickly so it is the ultimate sustainable fiber.

Eco-friendly Lifestyle Products at


Shoppers in Australia (and on the internet) have an excellent resource for natural products for the home and chemical free skin care products. is an online store that has a huge variety of great natural, eco-friendly goodies. Here’s more information about the store from their website:

We are inspired by the people who want to make a difference, but feel the actions they take will have little impact. We believe passionately that the everyday choices of individuals do have the power to transform our world. The Biome stores are overflowing with learning and wonderful products that not only meet our earth-friendly criteria, but also offer quality, style and value. Visit our store in Brisbane or browse our online shop….

What kind of stuff do they offer?

Here’s just a sample: Eco-friendly stuff for babies, kids, natural fiber bags, natural bed linens, books, magazines, natural pest control, eco-friendly products for pets, natural stuff for the garden, hemp products, and natural cosmetics.

They do indeed have a real storel, which you can visit here: 2 Latrobe Tce (corner of Given and Latrobe Terraces) Paddington, Queensland, 4064, Australia does take some international orders, so feel free to order online. You’ll save 10% in sales taxes as well!

Nandina Organic “Future Fibers”


Nandina is a unique company that produces a variety of products for the home with eco-friendly fibers they call “Future Fibers.” Nandina fibers are made from organic cotton and plantation grown bamboo. They make robes, towels, and bath mats. Here is more information about their product from their website:

Nandina is a natural blend of certified organic cotton and plantation grown bamboo. The fiber is woven into our Heavenly Bamboo towels, creating the luster of silk, the softness of aged cotton, and the durability and ease of care found in more traditional fabrics. We are proud that our towels have been certified free of harmful substances, often exceeding the highest standards set by Oeko-Tex, the world leader in textile testing for human ecology. With Nandina towels you don’t have to give up luxury to help protect the future of our planet. It’s easy to go green!

Earth Friendly Goods


Earth Friendly Goods offers some interesting environmentally friendly products including lots of hemp clothing. Hemp is considered to be a fully sustainable and biodegradable fabric, so it’s the way to go if you’re looking for environmentally friendly clothing. They also have products for the kids, for the pets, and eco-friendly accessories, which includes anything from backpacks and wallets, to belts. Their “Knowledge is Power” section has some interesting books as well. They sell stuff on-line, but if you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you can actually visit their store.

The Green Shop, U.K.

green shope building.jpg
I was seriously impressed by the Green Shop’s collection of eco-friendly gadgets and gifts for the home, kitchen, garden, etc. Their new U.K. based building even has a green design that will include solar thermal heating, photovoltaic solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system and a green roof planted with sedum. The only thing that is a bummer about their business is that they only ship within the U.K.

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