Product Review, Annie’s Naturals: Great Food, Happy People, Healthy Environment


Annie’s Naturals has been producing excellent natural salad dressings, sauces, barbeque sauces, etc. for over 20 years.

Based in Vermont, this small company uses only natural ingredients and you can find some awesome and unusual products on her website including salad dressings using sea veggies, sesame seeds, etc. Her website also has ingredients and nutritional info so you can see just what you’re getting into.

My absolute favorite dressing of all time is Goddess dressing. This dressing has Tahini, which gives it a wonderful flavor. It is creamy and slightly exotic.

While many of her products aren’t necessarily easy on the waistline, I think you’ll feel better slopping on some Goddess dressing with tahini and fresh herbs than that Hidden Valley crap.


Natural Gourd Bird Houses

We enjoy promoting natural home and garden products and recently we found a winner.

Manufactured in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, these natural gourd bird houses are beautiful and hand-crafted by an Amish family that practices sustainable farming. Their business goes by the name of Amish Gourds. They’ve got an excellent variety of products, including hand-painted gourd birdhouses and raw washed gourds for those who enjoy crafting their own gourds.

Support small farmers and small businesses by buying one of these beautiful bird houses!

Alternatives to Gift Wrapping

As Christmas approaches, I’m beginning to get the image in my mind of the mountains of wrapping paper that my family throws out every year. (Ok, we’re not that close to Christmas yet!, still…..) Yeah, it was great to hear the rip of paper as you opened up your new G.I. Joe toy. It’s still pretty great to tear into those presents, but “White, Eco-Guilt” has gotten the better of me this year. I started looking for an alternative to the wasteful practice of using wrapping paper. Here it is, folks! TaDa! EarthEasy’s Gift Wrapping Alternative Guide. Yep, do it yourself instructions on making reusable cloth wrappers, recycled wrapping materials, etc. Good stuff!