A PC for the Practical Environmentalist

Those Oregonians (Yes, they are from our planet. They are people who live in the state of Oregon) have done it again! The Meridian SL700 is a new PC offered by Computer Technology Link. Its creators (scary Frankenstein-type mad scientists, from Oregon, no less!) claim that it uses significantly less energy than your typical desktop PC. The packaging is even eco-friendly and the motherboard is lead-free. When you’ve typed your computer to death, you can use a coupon to recycle your computer, free! If anyone has actually used and can give us a review on this computer, please send us a comment! See more info about this computer at TreeHugger.

Citilogs: Urban Forestry Meets Urban Recycling


Donald “Stubby” Warmbold and his wife, Maria, have been working to collect unwanted trees from parks and yards to turn them into beautiful pieces of furniture since 1999. They started their cottage industry business, which goes by the name of Citilogs, in Pittstown, N.J. Now they collect trees throughout the East Coast and as far west as Chicago.

Their clients are municipalities or individuals who have removed old, dying trees from their landscaping, or who have removed younger trees to make way for new construction projects. Traditionally, these trees are sent to the dump, but the Warmbolds realized that the wood could be put to good use.

Additionally, they send their wood to Amish craftspeople that use nontoxic glues and finishes, making beautiful and environmentally-friendly pieces of functional art.

Read a full on Citilogs here.

Natural Wall Coverings

Want a better, more natural way to cover your walls? Let these nature-inspired wallpapers bring the outdoors into your home! You can choose from grass, string, and woven wallpapers, designed by Gramercy’s Naturals and available at American Blinds.

American Blinds’ website includes beautiful full color photos of their products. Additionally, these natural wallpapers are priced quite low so that just about every practical environmentalist can enjoy them!

Consider come of the following cool textures: bamboo, burlap, silk, or sea grass.

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