Natural Gourd Bird Houses

We enjoy promoting natural home and garden products and recently we found a winner.

Manufactured in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, these natural gourd bird houses are beautiful and hand-crafted by an Amish family that practices sustainable farming. Their business goes by the name of Amish Gourds. They’ve got an excellent variety of products, including hand-painted gourd birdhouses and raw washed gourds for those who enjoy crafting their own gourds.

Support small farmers and small businesses by buying one of these beautiful bird houses!

Ultra-efficient Greenhouses

Growing Spaces is a family-owned business that produces what they call “The Greenhouse of the Future.” The Growing Dome Greenhouse is a fantastic concept in greenhouse gardening that uses an ultra-efficient dome shape to create an ideal year-round microclimate.

The Growing Dome is extra sturdy and comes in a variety of sizes, from 12 feet to 51 feet in diameter. Support environmentally friendly small businesses by checking out their products! Need more convincing? Toyota Manufacturing Company likes their product so much that they’re actually planning on using one of their greenhouses for a pilot organic waste recycling project!

See the full article here: New Visions.

Eco-friendly companies: Green Roof Projects

There’s no doubt that urban environments lack green spaces, especially in the largest cities. However, thanks to human creativity, people are now coming up with unusual ways to add green to the city.

Where? Look up! Green roofs are becoming more and more common in cities such as Chicago, Toronto, and Philadelphia. Roofscapes, Inc. is a company that specializes in building green roofs in big cities. They’re based in Philadelphia and have worked on dozens of green roofs projects such as the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, and Chicago’s City Hall.

Some of these spaces are actually open to the public (or at least to employees working in the building) and function like a park. Suddenly, life in the city doesn’t look as gray and bleak and gray as it once did!

Help Preserve Native American Gardening with Native Seeds/SEARCH

Native Seeds/SEARCH is a non-profit organization based in Arizona that works to collect and preserve seeds from Native America communities in the American West. They in turn sell many of these unusual seeds, which include heirloom squash, colorful corn varieties, amaranth, and hot peppers.

They also sell books, videos, gift cards, prepared food products, and arts and crafts. You’re sure to find an excellent gift for the serious gardener on their webiste, and by purchasing their products, you’ll also be helping to preserve Native American cultures!

Garden Tools for Arthritic or Disabled Gardeners — or Just Those Who Want Cool Ergo Tools

Garden Tools for All Seasons offers a wide selection of gardening tools for gardeners with arthritis, weak grips, or who are wheelchair bound. They carry pruners and loppers, bulb planters, and composters.

This is an excellent resource for folks who working in Gardening and Horticulture Therapy. These tools also make great gifts for your arthitic or disabled friends who enjoy gardening.