Eco-friendly companies: Green Roof Projects

There’s no doubt that urban environments lack green spaces, especially in the largest cities. However, thanks to human creativity, people are now coming up with unusual ways to add green to the city.

Where? Look up! Green roofs are becoming more and more common in cities such as Chicago, Toronto, and Philadelphia. Roofscapes, Inc. is a company that specializes in building green roofs in big cities. They’re based in Philadelphia and have worked on dozens of green roofs projects such as the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia, and Chicago’s City Hall.

Some of these spaces are actually open to the public (or at least to employees working in the building) and function like a park. Suddenly, life in the city doesn’t look as gray and bleak and gray as it once did!, an Environmentally Friendly Company

Building Green

Building Green is an eco-friendly company that works to provide information for the residential and commercial building community. They publish the excellent Environmental Building News which is chock full of great information. The magazine is not cheap, but it’s worth it.

They also offer a number of books including GreenSpec, which has tons of information on green building products, listed in over 200 categories.

Get busy and Build Green!