Thank goodness for hot Swedes!

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Have you ever been in a confined space with a lot of other people and felt the temperature rising? Rather than give into claustrophobia, a Swedish company is going to convert body heat into energy. The heat will be used to reduce energy costs at a building near Stockholm’s Central Station. There’s no word on whether the Swedish Bikini Team will have an office yet, but imagine the electricity they could save!

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Organic Gardening Tips from the Onion

The Onion has a few tips for this year’s gardening season. Here’s one to give you an idea what you’re in for:

Gardening experts agree that talking to your plants is a great way to exhale carbon dioxide onto them.

They also have some tips for making fool-proof Faustian pacts with your garden gnomes to ensure that your gardenias will be the best in your neighborhood.

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Be My Green Valentine


Hmm…a “green valentine.” Is that a valentine with food poisoning? Or a friend who’s green with envy over your hot date tonight? No, no dear readers, we’re talking about green as in environmentally friendly! That’s right, we’re here to tell you that today, you, yes you! (put down that fist full of Snicker’s bars and listen, for the love of God!) can celebrate an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day.

How? By following our handy tips!

First off, check out Lighter Footstep’s Guide to a Green Valentine’s Day. There are five great tips here on alternatives to buying blood diamonds and slave labor chocolates. What else? Organic wine, organic flowers and hand-made recycled Valentine’s Day cards are also in there.

Next, check out these reviews of Organic and Fair Trade Chocolates. This will help you pick the tastiness guilt free chocolate on the market.

And finally, pick up the telephone and call around to restaurants that offer organic and locally purchased veggies, grains, meats, etc. While this may be hard in the dead of winter, you can still avoid those nasty chain places. Don’t even think about fast food you fool! You can also get off your fat bum and cook up some healthy local organic veggies! And go for a hike, walk, or bike ride afterwards!

Have a happy day! Besos y Abrazos para todos!

Dan Zanes’ Holiday Song for Heifer Charity!


The other day we wrote about non-profit organization Heifer International as a source of great alternative gift giving. They sell livestock. Really! No, you don’t get to keep the cow, you actually buy it (or a chicken, or a duck, or a rabbit, or a sheep) for a needy family. Ok, now that that’s clear, let’s get to the point of today’s post. Heifer International now has a pretty cool offer on their website. You can now check out (and buy) a really cool holiday song by rocker turned kid song composer Dan Zanes (of Del Fuegos fame) on their website. Really! It’s a cool song! And if you buy it on iTunes, the money goes to Heifer. Really! And Dan’s hair is real, too.

Happy Holidays!