Ecotourism in Australia

We like the idea of “ecotourism,” even though it’s a flawed concept. At its best, you get a community-based tourism project that is actually run by the community, benefits the community, and helps the environment. Unfortunately, you see a lot of big companies or people who aren’t locals who slap on the name of “ecotourism” when they really don’t benefit anybody but themselves, and their services are hardly environmental.

And so, that brings us to the topic of Australia! Yep, Australia! We love Australia, and we like the idea of ecotourism, so we wanted to find a way to promote real community-based ecotourism in this amazing country. Ecotourism Australia runs the Eco Certification Program, which is a great way to check to see if your destination is really going to benefit the environment and the local economy. While their published mission statement doesn’t say much about “community-based” tourism, they seem to have the right idea.