Pennsylvania Offers Revenue from Recycling

Pennsylvania State Line

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Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell hopes that protecting the environment will actually turn a profit for businesses and organizations in his state. The Compost Infrastructure Development Grant Program is an innovative way to help businesses create organic compost with the waste generated from producing their products. The grants will help businesses that have high volumes of food and other organic waste create a product that they can actually sell, compost, from what would normally go to the municipal dump. Read more here.

Sevier County Tennessee: Municipal Composting Champ!


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Sevier County, in the heart of Tennessee’s Smokey Mountains, is a strange place to find the number one municipal compost plant in the United States. You’d think that someplace like California would host this kind of super-efficient technology. However, in terms of municipal solid waste composting, Sevier County’s compost plant was recently ranked as number one in the nation for volume. Tom Leonard, of Sevier Solid Waste Inc. (SSWI) is very proud of this recognition, and states that the plant will only get better. Their goal is to run the best solid waste system in the world. Not only does this plant create useful compost, it also helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by large landfills, and therefore, helps to reduce global warming. The plant has received wide international interest as well, with visitors coming from places like China and Spain to tour the plant. Congratulations! Read more here.

Soil Builder’s Inc.

Green and Red

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Soil Builder’s Inc., a company that makes compost, worm castings and “Mighty Microbe Mulch,” recently received praise from the Columbian Newspaper for their efforts to transform horse manure, wood shavings, and leftover hay into high quality compost. For now, they offer their product wholesale, but plan on expanding their sales for smaller markets soon.