Water Conservation in the Bath


When you’ve got to haul your own fresh water with you for long journeys, you quickly find ways to conserve your water. The U.S. Navy has done just that. Years ago, they created the Shower Flow Adjuster, which helps to control the temperature of the water while you shower. To conserve water, you just shut off the shower after you’ve soaped up, and you’re guaranteed the same hot shower when you rinse.

The State of Water

The November 2005 issue of Water World has some pretty shocking news to report about the future of water. Here’s a sample:

“The National Urban Water Resources Survey contacted 414 cities. It found that nearly 40% of them did not expect to have adequate water supplies in 20 years.”

The US Conference of Mayors, held in 2005, revealed that the major concerns of their citizens were: Aging Water Infrastructure, Water Infrastructure Security, Water Supply Availability, Unfunded Federal Mandates, Water Quality of Rivers, Flooding, Emergency Planning, Drought Management, Regional Conflicts over Water, and Water Rights. This was before the major hurricanes of the past year. Politicians and world leaders, take note…