Coal, the magical solution to energy independence?

I ran into this site today, and had to share. is a site that is evidently created by the coal industry to promote coal as a credible energy source.

Let’s face it, most of us think of trapped coal miners, air pollution or soot when we think of coal.

But what if it’s true? Heck, if we really could generate our electricity from coal in a way that doesn’t generate smog and huge amounts of carbon dioxide, why not? We already know coal works as an energy source. In fact, the site says that more than half of our electricity in the United States right now currently comes from coal. And we have 250 years’ worth of coal in the United States right now. Goodbye Middle Eastern oil, hello US coal?

Check out the “future” part of the site, where they claim that in the future, they will be able to convert coal into hydrogen without burning it, so that it doesn’t create as much pollution or could be used in hydrogen fuel cells.

I can’t wait to zip around in my flying car, powered by coal/hydrogen. It’s the ultimate Jetsons / 19th Century combo, retro future! I’m sure it has to be right around the corner, because the coal industry tells us that it is. Right? Right?