Dallas Baptist mega church gets serious about energy efficiency

Prestonwood Baptist Church

Today’s Dallas Morning News writes about the Dallas mega-church, Prestonwood Baptist, and the work it has done to decrease energy consumption. With 700 people on staff, 26,000 church members and around 1 million square feet of space, they were getting some serious utility bills of around $240,000 a month!

But they hired an energy audit firm and a full time staffer to work on the issue, and they saved $815K in utilities in the past year after implementation.

Mr. Buster said that under the consultants’ advice, the church with nearly 1 million square feet of space began zoning parts of buildings where gatherings could be held, keeping other areas free of people and temperatures adjusted accordingly. Fluorescent light bulbs were installed and energy audits done. A full-time employee was hired to oversee the program.

But at the heart of the effort was changing behavior. Church and school staff were asked to be more vigilant about turning off lights, computers and monitors.

The movement aligns perfectly with the church’s religious beliefs.

“There are biblical principles that teach us to be good stewards of all that God has given us,” said Mike Buster, executive pastor, citing the passage John 6:12, in which Jesus commands that his disciples “let nothing be wasted.”

Prestonwood Baptist Church.