Discussions on Ecotourism and Biodiversity in National Parks

The internet is a great way to learn about environmental issues and share your feelings and knowledge with others. Planeta.com offers a number of interesting forums for the environmental community. The forum “Parks and Biodiversity: Reflections from John Shores” works as a blog/discussion group on all things related to biodiversity in national parks. It also includes a small biography of the author/moderator:

John Shores is an old-school tree-hugging environmentalist in the body of an appropriate-technology high-tech information technology geek living in California’s Silicon Valley. John’s primary focus is the conservation of biodiversity and the national parks and protected areas that are so crucial to this goal.

His formal credentials include a BS in natural resource planning and an MS in resource policy, economics, and management. He is a Member of the World Commission on Protected Areas.

Topics for discussion include:

• Drugs and Biodiversity: the negative relationship
• Parks and Co-Management
• Yellowstone: Who speaks for the bison? Where are the Native Americans?
• Community Involvement in Conservation
• Biodiversity and Human Populations

This forum/blog is also great way for professionals working in national parks to share their ideas. Drop John a line and get involved in the conversation!

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