Dwell Green Housing Magazine Issue


The new issue of design magazine Dwell is dedicated to sustainable design and green housing. Article themes include: Sustainable Homes of Tomorrow, Today; Design Like You Give a Damn; Flooring With a Conscience; Tree Houses Grow Up; It Takes a Villa near Barcelona, Spain; Emerald in the Rough in Ireland; Zeros Effect in Phoenix; Dwell Labs magazine racks; Detour in Brussels; Conversation with Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa. The issue is printed on recycled paper.

3 thoughts on “Dwell Green Housing Magazine Issue”

  1. Green goes mainstream (but only for this month because next issue something more trendy will be on our cover)

    Sorry, I’m just feeling cynical today. I suppose I should be quite happy that sustainable architecture is getting a spotlight, though wouldn’t it be nice if EVERY issue was printed on recycled paper?

  2. Plus, have you actually seen the issue? I went to go pick up a copy after reading the post, and I was totally disappointed. There really wasn’t that much about sustainability in the issue.

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