Earthtoys’ April Alternative Energy Ezine


Good news boys and girls! The April Earth Toys ezine is now up on their website. Here, you’ll find lots of great information about the alternative energy industry. Many of the articles are written by professionals working in alternative fuels and technologies, so this is a great place to get a sneak preview of the headlines that will be appearing in your local paper months from now!

Here’s what the April emagazine has to offer:

An interview with Joel Serface of Austin Energy, “Solar: The No Risk Path to Wealth Creation,” FUTURE ENERGY (info on which energy companies could evolve to be the Microsoft and Dell or Apple of the future), ENERGY FROM THE TIDES and WIND ENERGY USING CONTRA – ROTATION, MICROBIAL FUEL CELLS by Biswajit Mandal of the Haldia Institute of Technology, RENEWABLE ENERGY A MUST FOR AUSTRALIA, AFFORDABLE EFFICIENT COMFORT FOR COLD FEET (about radiant floor heat), TAKING THE GREEN ROUTE WITH FUEL CELL BUSES, NEIGHBORHOOD ELECTRIC VEHICLE, and REBUILDING A GREEN NEW ORLEANS.

Also, there is a must see photo giving us more proof than ever of global warming. You’ll have to see it to believe it! Be warned, the photo is not appropriate for children under 5 or those with good taste in underwear.

Additionally, there is some great news from the editor about a new feature of the website:

This month we have introduced a new feature for your enjoyment. The EarthToys Alternative Energy Forums have been created so that we can build a nice library of knowledge four ourselves and future generations. I encourage everyone to have a look and participate by asking questions or giving answers and opinions in this discussion group.

One of the wonderful things about is that it focuses on solutions, not problems. That is a philosophy we share here at the Practical Environmentalist.

And now with the forums, the website is more useful and interactive than ever. Enjoy!