Eco-Friendly Greenhouse and Gadgets

DOSS Products has some very cool environmentally friendly products on their website. This company devoted to unique inventions is now offering a nifty new greenhouse they call the Veg-A-Lotâ„¢ Insulated Greenhouse. With this unique device, you can grow a ton of plants, even in the worst wintery weather conditions. The dimensions of the greenhouse are: 5 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 5 feet tall. It’s made from structural aluminum and wood and it’s glazed with Solexxâ„¢, a UV resistant twin-wall polyethylene. Looks sturdy and built to last! They say that the purpose of this greenhouse is to encourage people to start producing their own veggies and to become more self-sufficient. This company also makes the very cool KANDLE HEETERâ„¢ Candle Holder, which provides a nice little alternative source of heat for a small space in your home.