Elliot Spitzer goes green at the NY Governor’s Mansion

The NY Times reports that Elliot Spitzer is going green at the Governor’s Mansion.

The renovation will take place in three phases, Ms. Wall Spitzer said. In Phase 1, the mansion’s appliances will be replaced by energy-efficient models. A washing machine was to be installed on Tuesday, while low-flow shower heads and fluorescent light bulbs will soon follow. The gasoline-powered lawn mowers that currently manicure the rolling grounds will be replaced by electric models, and the mansion’s staff members will begin using hybrid vehicles.

In Phase 2, contractors will install three sets of solar panels around the mansion and its grounds. And in the final phase, the staff members will begin converting to ecologically sound maintenance, using nontoxic cleaning supplies and organic pest control on the property. Workers will also begin composting food waste and recycle more, and the chefs will buy as much organic produce as they can.

By the time the changes are completed in June 2008, planners estimate, the mansion will use 50 percent less power and give off half as much greenhouse emission as it does now. The mansion’s annual utility costs are expected to drop to below $60,000 a year from $86,000.

It will cost a mere $650,000 for the renovations. But it’s worth it, because Spitzer stays there 2 days a week, on average.

Seriously though, I guess it’s a 25 year payback period if the energy reduction costs hold up.