Environmentalists in Georgia lose fight to stop coal plant construction

Environmentalists fought a valiant fight to block the construction of the first new coal plant built in the state of Georgia in over 20 years.  The Sierra Club, Greenlaw, and Friends of the Chattahoochee argued that the state should not have granted permits to the plant that, while using more modern pollution controls, did not use the best available. 

The plant uses a dry scrubber instead of a more effective wet scrubber in order to remove the sulfur dioxide from the smoke, and no carbon dioxide limits would be in place.  Surprisingly, many of the local residents welcome the plant for the economic benefits it would bring to the area, without taking into consideration the amount of pollution and greenhouse gases that would come along with that. 

With the price of solar now very close to the price of coal plants, why are we still building these things?  It will take another five years to build in which time given the present rate of advancement in solar technology the plant will be hopelessly outdated and expensive to operate before it is completed. 

The environmentalists in Georgia lost this round; Judge Stephanie Howells issued an order affirming the states decision to allow the plant to be built.  Howells’ opinion is being appealed and the project manager for the new plant states he will not break ground until appeals are resolved. 

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  1. One of the worst environmental disasters I ever saw was on my way to Florida over the holidays. Mountain top mining had stripped off the tops of mountains to mine coal and we could see it right off the freeway. Why do we need coal or fossil fuels anyway?! I think we need to encourage wind, solar and other earth-friendly energy sources.

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