Green is Sexy?


Green is Sexy is an interesting website with tips and some very practical info for those looking for ways to improve the environment. But what’s up with the “sexy?” Well, let’s hear it from the site’s authors:

Green is sexy came about when three friends realized that exchanging quips & tips on ways to make an impact on the environment was becoming daily conversation. They decided that, with a little bit of research and some help from their friends, they could spread the word to all sorts of people and really make a difference. green is sexy is about tiny changes, big impact. Why sexy? Because being informed is sexy. Being responsible is sexy. Being eco-friendly is sexy. Making a difference is sexy. Green is sexy. We invite you to become part of the green is sexy community by helping us change the world one day at a time.

For the frugal environmentalist, they have an interesting set of tips called “Money Savers” which I found to be quite handy.

Enjoy, you sexy beasts!