Holistic Management Conference

An interesting educational opportunity is coming up for those interested in land conservation. Holistic Management International is hosting a conference in a couple weeks about healing damaged land with special land management techniques.

What’s this Holistic Management stuff all about?

HMI works with people around the world to heal damaged land and increase the productivity of working lands.

By healing the earth’s desertified lands, and by managing healthy land in concert with natural processes, we can repair our malfunctioning ecosystem while achieving a “triple bottom line” of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Holistic Management® has been proven to work, even in drought, for over 23 years.

More info on the conference:

HMI is proud to host International Gathering 2007 “From the Ground Up: Practical Solutions
to Complex Problems”

Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town
Albuquerque, New Mexico
November 1-4 2007

Sessions and Workshops Cover:
Soil health
Animal behavior
Multi-species grazing
Partnering with Nature
Taking sustainability to the next level
International community development
Global climate change
Sustainable genetics
Working effectively with groups
Solar dollars
Diversifying income
Carbon sequestration

Here’s the conference website so you can check it out with more detail.