Jared Diamond, a Cure to Environmental Pessimism?

Boy, I’ve been bummed out recently reading the interviews with leading academics like James Lovelock (the guy who came up with the Gaia theory) about how we’re doomed and how the Earth is gonna start dying and fall into a coma for 100,000 years and how the human race is doomed (except for those few “breeding pairs” that can have their little Adam and Eve style love romp up on the North Pole.)

Anyway, I’ve found a cure for my malaise in Jared Diamond, bestselling author of books like Guns, Germs and Steel, and more recently, Collapse. In this interview, Jared talks about such simple things as rainwater harvesting as ways to deal with global water shortages, and how we’ve got access to an amazing amount of information on how we can help the environment these days. This was not the case with other civilizations that collapsed, such as the Anasazi of the Southwestern U.S. and the Maya of Mexico and Central America. We at least know of the problems with the environment and have the technology to change things. The question is: do we have the will to change?

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