Levi’s Eco-Jeans

Here’s one for all you fashion nuts. Check out this article from the Brunei times about Levi’s new line of eco-friendly jeans. Here’s what they are all about:

The trousers are made with completely organic materials on a production line that uses sustainable production processes.

“It’s not only organic fabric but the other components are also organic; the finish we use is totally organic too,” says Geert Peeters, the vice-president of product management.

“The whole process of how the jeans are made is also organic.”


  1. The link provided to the Brunei Times article did not work.

    If the entire jeans are organic, then I have one question: what constitutes an organic zipper, or organic button, or organic snap?


  2. Or even an organic thread?

    I’ve been looking for these back home, but they’re not available. Apparently, they’re mainly available in Europe, although I read on Summer Rayne Oakes’s blog that she got a pair in NYC.

  3. I am happy that Levi is going more eco friendly, however, there is an amazing line of jeans out there by Good Society. They are organic cotton, hand sewn and dyed with indigo. Their production promotes better working conditions in India. So, all around, they have a huge impact. I bought a pair on http://www.embodies.com. All of their stuff is environmentally conscious!

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