List of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product Brands

cleaning products in a supermarket

Looking for a new eco friendly cleaning product brand or wondering what’s available on the market? Turns out there are a lot of great brands that specialize in environmentally friendly or non-toxic ingredients, and sometimes sustainability too.

If you have an opinion about which of these brands works best for you (or something that didn’t), leave a comment and let us know.

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Better Life
Natural all-purpose cleaners are made by Better Life. The company also makes specialized eco-friendly steel, wood, and floor cleaners.

From odor removers to fabric fresheners, Biokleen makes a large number of natural ingredient cleaners.

Blueland makes eco-friendly products such as soap, dish soap, and laundry detergent. It also promotes recycling.

Bon Ami
The non-toxic formula of Bon Ami products makes them some of the oldest cleaners still available today. Their products use biodegradable ingredients.

Bower Collective
Laundry detergent, surface spray, and dishwasher products are made by Bower Collective. All of them are eco-friendly.

Branch Basics
Branch Basics makes cleaning products for the entire house. It uses ingredients such as decyl glucoside and organic chamomile for a natural cleaning process that doesn’t harm the environment.

Caldrea household cleaners are made with natural ingredients. All of them contain natural foaming agents such as sodium methyl sulforlaureate.

Citra Solv
As its name suggests, Citra Solv uses citruses as solvents. Valencia oranges are the main ingredient of these cleaners.

Clean Cult
Clean Cult uses natural non-toxic ingredients in its household cleaning products. Refillable glass bottles are also sold by the company to prevent excessive waste.

Common Good
You can buy all types of eco-friendly cleaning products from Common Good. This includes surface cleaners and non-toxic dish cleaners.

Counter Culture
Counter Culture uses natural probiotics in its products. It makes scented all-purpose cleaners.

Dazz makes all-natural multipurpose cleaners. The company promotes simple recyclable packaging.

Dr. Bronner’s
The company uses plant-based surfactants in its eco-friendly cleaners. Its products are sold in a concentrated formula.

Sodium carbonate and similar natural ingredients are used by Dropps in its cleaning products. These products come in small capsules.

Earth Hero

Bed, bath, and kitchen eco-friendly cleaners are made by Eearth Hero. The company has one of the largest range of plant-based cleaning products.

Eco Max 

Household cleaners and eco-friendly refills are sold by Eco Max. These products have a professional cleaning performance.

Specialized eco-friendly cleaners are made by Eco-Me. Their tile cleaner relies on proven natural cleaning ingredients such as vinegar.


Ecos makes biodegradable cleaners from plants. It features unique but common scents in its cleaners such as parsley.


Ecover manufactures multiple plant-based cleaners. It meets both EU and US non-toxic product standards.


Ecozone uses plant extracts to clean and kill bacteria. Its products are Peta-approved and safe for humans and animals.

A combination of coconut extracts and sodium carbonate is used by Fillareee in its household cleaning products.

Frosch cleaners use natural ingredients. They are pH-neutral and safe for the hands.

Groove Collaborative
Groove sells natural cleaning products. It sells them on a subscription plan basis.

Herb Guard
Herb Guard makes organic all-natural household cleaners in the US. Free accessories such as wiping clothes are typically shipped with its products.

Made with natural ingredients, Honest products are gentle on surfaces. While scented, they aren’t made with synthetic fragrances.

Jaws make all types of products such as glass cleaners, kitchen cleaners, and all-purpose cleaners. Plant-based refill pods can be utilized with most of them.


Juniperseed is known for its select cleaners from natural ingredients. Their products are typically made in small batches.

Meliora products are made without fragrance and preservatives. They use potassium cocoate and sodium cocoate for cleaning.

Method Home

Method uses biodegradable ingredients to make household cleaners. Their fragrances are synthetic, however.

Mr. Meyer’s
Household cleaners from Mr. Meyer’s are made with natural ingredients such as essential oils. They come with garden-inspired scents.

Pur Home
Pur home makes affordable concentrated household multipurpose cleaners. All of the company’s products are manufactured in the US.

Puracy makes products with almost entirely natural ingredients. They are known to be streakless and residue-free.

Seventh Generation
Mineral-based products and essential oils are used in the company’s products. They are available in stores and online.

Soganics is an OrganicsBuddy brand. It makes non-toxic cleaning products safe for the hands.

Splosh products are mostly made with eco-friendly ingredients. The company also aims to reduce plastic pollution.

The Laundress
The Laundress is known for its wide range of eco-friendly products. Some of their products are unique signature collaborations with brands such as fragrance-manufacturer Le Labo.

Trinova uses ethyls, polyglucoside, and essential oils in its cleaning products. The company also includes preservatives for longer shelf life.

Truce cleaner
Truce makes one of the most versatile all-purpose cleaners with an eco-friendly profile. It cleans all non-porous surfaces.

Veles makes cleaners from food waste. It uses food extracts, decyl glucoside, and essential oils in its innovative products.

White House cleaner

Vinegar and natural fragrances are used in the household cleaning products of the brand. Their vinegar is normally lavender-scented.