Mind Over Markets

I was reading an earth-friendly magazine today and came across an ad for an organization called Mind Over Markets. The ad talks about how Mind Over Markets works to help green businesses expand and prosper. I checked out their website and was pretty impressed. They’ve worked with such folks as Very Special Arts, Resting in the River Organic Farm & Natural Products, the Peace Corps, and the Institute for Holistic Health Studies. Here’s more info from their website:

Mind Over Markets is a unique marketing / business development company dedicated to helping socially responsible companies take their businesses to new levels of success. Our personal and professional commitment is to apply our depth of skills, abilities and insights to companies and organizations whose products, services and values help create positive change and serve the public good. We believe that the greatest business success occurs when conscious business stewardship is coupled with sound, innovative business initiatives and strategies in order for companies to be generative, self-sustaining and create positive change.

If you run a small to medium sized green business, Mind Over Markets may be able to help give your business a boost.