More Cool Projects with the Cacao Tree

The Rainforest Alliance website has a great article with information about the Cacao tree. It has information on its significance to humans, its habitat and its botany. It also has some fascinating information about the fruit itself and how it has been used over the centuries.


There is also a link to the Conservación y Desarollo (Conservation & Development) project, which is working in sustainable forestry projects using the cacao tree. Here’s some info from the Rainforest Alliance website:

The Rainforest Alliance is working with cocoa farmers and a conservation group in Ecuador called Conservación y Desarollo (Conservation & Development) to help the local cocoa farmers shift from growing cocoa on full-sun, high input farms to using shade-covered and more sustainable farms. This has dramatically increased the quality of their cocoa beans and in turn helped these farmers earn better prices for their cocoa. In this way, the people, the environment, and the animals that live in the shade trees of these farms all benefit from sustainable practices.