North American Rainwater Harvesting Conference, 2007

The planning for the ARCSA 2007 National Rainwater Harvesting Conference is now underway, which will be held at the Kilauea Military Camp, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii. The conference runs from August 15-17. Looks like they picked a very interesting place for the conference for 2007:

The entire 50-acre campus of Kilauea Military Camp is on rainwater catchment, making the conference venue a self-contained “tour stop” for persons interested in rainwater harvesting. In addition, tours to communities entirely dependent upon rainwater harvesting are planned. In addition, a preconference hands-on workshop in the planning stages.

The event is hosted by ARCSA (The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association), whose goals are:

1. To promote rainwater catchment systems through meetings and seminars,
2. To provide networking between people with experience in rainwater catchment systems and those who might need technical or professional assistance in developing or building such systems,
3. To provide a forum for discussion of new methods, techniques, and materials pertaining to rainwater catchment systems,
4. To develop informal publications to assist in the design and use of rainwater catchment systems, and
5. To establish acceptable treatment methods for harvested rainwater.