Product Review: The Hula Ho Weeding Tool


It’s spring and that means we at the Practical Environmentalist have started gardening!

The compost bin is shaping up nicely, I’ve recently started a new worm farm, and I’m busy planting seeds and dealing with those inevitable weeds.

Since I spent the last several years in a big city with just a patio garden, I’m excited that I now have moved to a new city and a new apartment with an actual yard where I can grow a modest garden of veggies and ornamentals. The house I’m now renting with my family has been unoccupied for quite some time, so we’ve got all kinds of nasty weeds to deal with.

When the first weeds popped up, I decided to go out and buy a handy weeder called the Hula Ho made by Flex Rake that I had used many years ago when working for a summer for a landscaping company. I found it at a small local garden shop that I support and spent a morning cleaning up the yard.


The Hula Ho is by far my favorite weeder that I have tried. When weeding the other day, I was able to remove about 80% of all the weeds by the roots with minimal effort. This is due to the fact that the Hula Ho is a loop weeding tool, allowing you to scrape the soil and dig out the weeds with a quick pull.

Another great feature of the Hula Ho is that you’re able to remove weeds without displacing the soil. A quick pull with the Hula Ho pops out the weed, and then you just smooth the soil back into place with the flat edge of the ho.


The Hula Ho works by either pushing or pulling, depending on the size and position of the weed you’re removing. Because it’s shaped like a rectangle, you also get the advantage of sharp cutting edges at the corners of the ho. The corners are actually slightly rounded, and the blade itself is able to move on a small hinge. The “wiggle blade” they call it on the website. They say the blade is self sharpening. Does anyone know what that actually means? It sounds good on paper and I assume that it means I don’t have to sharpen it very often.


A few other things I like about the Hula Ho:

*The blade is made of heat treated high carbon so it’s very durable.
*The Hula Ho is made in the U.S.A., which means I’m supporting a local manufacturer. Not that a globalized economy isn’t great, but I do like buying things that are made a little closer to home. I love garden accessories that are made in the USA.

To find out more about the Hula Ho and other weeding tools in the series made by Flex Rake, see their website.

You can buy the Hula Ho online here.


  1. My mom just bought me one of these for my house! I agree totally! Great review and pics!

  2. Why does the Hula Hoe come with such a short handle. For taller people, a handle 2 feet longer would be more appropriate. Can one be special ordered?

  3. Hi… I love the Hula Ho too. One question: do I have to pick up the displaced roots and toss them in the compost, or can I leave them on top of the soil?

    Carol in Vermont

  4. Would you like to do a review of the Super Star Weed Cutter? I am sure you will find that it is far superior to the Hula-Hoe.

    Thank you

    James Ellis

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