PZEV Vehicles of 2007: These cars have the lowest emissions

Photo of a 2007 PZEV Ford Focus by Jalopnik on Flickr.

I was flipping through a local magazine in Dallas, and I saw an ad for the Subaru Forrester and Outback PZEV models, which are probably in the magazine because Dallas has so many problems with clean air.

Anyway, now is the part of the blog post where I have to admit that I had never heard of PZEV, which is a standard started in California that means Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle.

I’m going to be in the market for a new car in the next year or so, and I’ve been leaning toward the new Camry hybrid at this point. But then I read in this ad that these new Subaru models were even built in a new plant that was designed to achieve zero landfill status. “The plant products less waste material in a year than the average household!” the ad says.

I like Subarus because of the all wheel drive thing, and I like the look of the new Outback wagon.

I started searching around to find out more about PZEV cars, and I found two great pages. One of them has a list of the top 10 “greenest” PZEV vehicles, and the other one has a list of all the PZEV vehicles for 2007. I was surprised to find that there are even some models that have PZEV status that are over 300 horsepower. You probably won’t be saving gas money with a 305 horsepower car, but at you’ll be doing pretty good with emissions!

The Greenest Vehicles of 2007 (Click through to see the complete top 10 list and info at the Greenercars.com site.)

1. 2007 Honda Civic GX (We have written previously about the Honda Civic GX)
2. 2007 Toyota Prius
3. 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid
4. 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid

You can find the entire list of all 2007 PZEV vehicles at the California Driveclean.ca.gov site.

Is anyone out there driving a PZEV car that they like and would recommend?

Tell us about it in the comments.

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