Romantic and Green Valentine’s Day Tips

Although Valentine’s Day typically looks like the Crayola factory exploded one day while producing red and pink crayons, we’ve decided to skip out on the mushy, glitter-covered card that is hard to recycle, flowers that can only die, and chocolates made with a mess of problems. This year for Valentine’s Day, we’re going green in our own practical way.

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Let’s start with the card. This should be easy since recycled paper is so in right now. Instead of stopping by the closest grocery store at the last minute on your way to see your Valentine, try going to a local paper supply or card boutique to find a card made from recycled paper.

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Or better yet, try making your own. Cut out letters and hearts from old magazines and paste them to some paper you have lying around. That way when your Valentine eventually tosses it, it will be easier to recycle.

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If you or your Valentine enjoys flowers, don’t buy flowers that are chopped off and stuck into a vase of death. Ok, we’re being a bit dramatic, but seriously, you spend loads of money on a bouquet of flowers that will only die. How does that make any sense? Try finding a florist that sends potted flowers (or even plants). If you can’t find one that does this in your area, consider delivering them yourself. Although your Valentine will have to maintain the plant, it’s a great way to keep them thinking about you at home or work.

For a cheesier option, make a bouquet of fake flowers. When you give the fake flowers to your Valentine, tell them you will stop loving them when the last one wilts. (Let it marinate…) Get it? They won’t ever wilt because they are fake, so your love will last forever. (Disclaimer: We can not be held responsible for immediate vomiting reaction this may induce in either party, nor for a break-up in two weeks. That was your promise, not ours!) 

Another option is to buy flower seeds or bulbs to plant in your garden or window box. Make sure to find a type of flower that will prosper in the coming season in your area.

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And then there’s the much-desired-but-frequently-loathed Valentine’s Day chocolate. An easy way to show your Valentine you really care is to NOT purchase the chocolates in the gross, heart-shaped boxes that are glued to the hands of a poorly-made teddy bear. (harsh, but true) This year go for something less traditional and more supportive of the economies in need with buying fair trade chocolate(s). TransFair USA’s website has a helpful Where To Buy section that helps you find several fair trade products in any state, making fair trade chocolate easy to find! Also try looking for organic chocolate like that from Terra Norstra Organic or Dogoba Chocolate (both of which also happen to be fair trade).

And lastly, if all this seems too hard to do this late it the game, consider doing your part by staying at home for dinner. Cook up a romantic dinner (it doesn’t have to be complicated) for you and your Valentine, watch a cheesy romantic movie (there are too many to link to) and share a bottle of organic wine.