Stop Using Plastic Bags, Whole Foods Did! Take Your Own to the Grocery Store

If you’ve been to Whole Foods lately, the you’re sure to notice a change. Whole Foods is phasing out plastic bags, and in encouraging their customers to “Bring Your Own Bag,” they are giving out reusable bags.

We’re not sure how long this promotion will last, but we’re loving it! Finally, a major grocery store that is making moves in the right direction.

If you forget to bring your own bags, don’t worry. Whole Foods will still have their 100% recycled paper bags for you to use. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be “that girl” that uses paper bags. I have a feeling that, in the future, not bringing your own bags will be like writing a check, out-dated.

There is probably plenty of time until that day, but you should start considering getting your own reusable bags to take to the grocery store or super market now.


  1. They aren’t actually giving away reusable bags they are selling them. The recycled plastic bags cost $1 each but you get a 10 cent discount for each reusable bag you use so the bag will pay for itself in ten trips.

  2. Maybe it was only for a day or two, but they did indeed give me mine for free, and were giving them to every customer when I was there.

    They were trying to raise awareness for the switch away from plastic bags, I think.

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